Nine 2023 West Point Grads Named GEM Consortium Fellows

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Nine 2023 West Point Graduates were named GEM Consortium Fellows. Founded in 1976, the National GEM Consortium works to enhance the value of the nation’s human capital in engineering and science.

“I am excited to collaborate with other leaders from across our nation,” said Anthony Haynes ’23. “I hope to pay the opportunity forward by improving the security, resilience, and capacity of our institutions and civil partnerships in the United States and with our allies abroad.” 

The 2023 GEM Consortium Fellows are:

  • Amadou Bah ’23 – Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Naomi Edegbe ’23 – Statistics, Clemson University
  • Kelsie Edie ’23 – Computer Science, Brown University
  • Angel Espinoza ’23 – Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • Anthony Haynes ’23 – Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Colin Morgan ’23 – Biology, Rutgers University
  • Huram-Abi Nzia Yotchoum ’23 – Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Stanford University
  • D’Andre Tobias ’23 – Supply Chain Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (Not Pictured)
  • Sorie Yillah ’23 – Computer Science at Northwestern University

Learn more about opportunities through the Graduate Scholarship Program, a Margin of Excellence program.

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