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The Great Hall is not available for rent during federal holidays, home football games, Leaders Conference, Advisory Council, or Graduation.

All foreign nationals being escorted by a WPAOG Representative must carry a passport AND either a VISA or an ESTA. The manifest provided by the host will be verified against all physical passports prior to entry. Please have all passports ready to be inspected when the WPAOG Representative greets the bus. If anyone does not have a passport or is not listed on the manifest, they will be asked to disembark the bus and will not be escorted onto post.   

**Please Note:  All events are subject to USMA, NY State, Army, Federal, and WPAOG restrictions regarding public health and safety.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us via email Great-Hall@wpaog.org. WPAOG Memorial Support communicates directly with all clients booking the Hall for receptions following memorial services on West Point. Please contact 845.446.1620 / Memorial.Support@wpaog.org for all Memorial Support inquiries.