Once you are logged in to the system you will see your group listed under the Groups tab. You must activate your account if you have not done so already. The user name is different from the account you set up on WestPointAOG.org. Once you are logged in you can search for classmates, view your class notes, and class financials, find a society, and participate with your group or committee.

Please use the email address WPAOG has on file when you activate your account and enter the name you used at graduation in the appropriate field to expedite your access.

To view Class Notes – Once you are in Sallyport search for your Class Group and look for a tab that says News. (Each class has labeled them differently).

To view your Committee Documents – Once you are logged into Sallyport search for your committee in the Group drop down.

To view your Leader Toolkit – Once you are logged into Sallyport hover over Volunteer Leader Resources menu item.

If you need assistance logging into Sallyport email sallyport@wpaog.org.