The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Association are members of the Advisory Council. They each serve a three-year term beginning the first day of January following their election.

Other Advisors serve for three-year terms beginning the first day of January following their election and may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. Advisors are selected from three categories: At-Large, Class, and Society.

The President of the Association serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Advisory Council.

Emeritus Advisors – Once a class has completed its 60th reunion year, the class shall become an Emeritus Class to the Advisory Council and may designate a representative to the Advisory Council.

The function of the Advisory Council is to provide advice on the affairs of the WPAOG to the Board of Directors.

Chairman of the West Point Association of Graduates (To serve until 31 December 2024)

The Honorable Robert A. McDonald ’75

Vice-Chairman of the West Point Association of Graduates (To serve until 31 December 2024)

Mr. Herman E. Bulls ’78


31 December 2024

Douglass S. Heckman ’81
William E. Rapp ’84
Elizabeth Kubala ’93
Amanda M. Coussoule ’97
Hise O. Gibson ’97
Christopher F. Oliver ’02

31 December 2025

Richard J. Wolff ’76
James B. Hill ’81
Degas Wright ’85
Joseph A. Simonelli ’87
Stephen B. Rubright ’97
Samantha Turner ’09

31 December 2026

Ralph T. (Skip) Tierno III ’77
Donna Alesch-White ’80
Paul K. LaFontaine ’86
Nora R. Marcos ’90
Holly F. West ’91
Yoonie Dunham ’07

CLASS ADVISORS (Serving Until)

31 December 2024

George Jacunski ’64
William Higgs ’74
Curt Cozart ’84
Dominique Braggs ’94
Travis Dent ’04
Zack Taylor ’14

31 December 2025

Jack M. Jannarone ’65
Forest Crain ’75
Kevin Felix ’85
Frances S. Lawler’95
Ryan Pensyl ’05
Robert A. Hume ’15

31 December 2026

Cooper L. Wright ’66
David Mabee ’76
Richard J. Gabaldon ’86
Krista Watts ’96
Natoshia Clinton ’06
Joshua Murphy ’16


31 December 2024

Dennis Helsel ’69 (NE)
Dean Ertwine ’72 (C)
Buz Moser ’76 (SE)
Tom Lynch ’82 (NC)
Richard Murg ’89 (W)
Eric Rannow ’92 (SC)

31 December 2025

Paul Cozza ’84 (SE)
Steve Detwiler ’84 (NE)
Steve Minear ’84 (SC)
Rick French ’86 (C)
Lori Hess Tompos ’89 (NC)
James Wilson ’04 (W)

31 December 2026

Stover James ’76 (W)
Bob Rogers ’78 (SC)
Michael Nelson ’86 (C)
Ruben Lopez ’89 (NC)
Douglas Vinson ’89 (SE)
James Zopelis ’96 (NE)

NE– Northeast, C– Capitol, NC – North Central, SE– Southeast, W– Western, SC– South Central

Roger Conover ’48
Robert Springer ’49
William DeGraf ’50
William Richardson ’51
Rolfe Arnhym ’53
Thomas Horst ’55
Richard Curl ’56
Francis (Bob) Stevens ’57
Mike Daley ’58
Steven Werbel ’59
Raymond Andrews ’60
Michael Eiland ’61
Bernard Skown ’62
Rudolph Ehrenberg Jr. ’63

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