What is the room capacity?

To adhere with the fire code and to ensure the comfort of guests, seating for dinners in the Great Hall is limited to 160 (16 ten-person tables) with no dance floor. Dinners, which included dancing, will be limited to 120 guests. Cocktail receptions (standing only) will be limited to 200 guests. A guest count must be provided to WPAOG Alumni Services at least 5 days before the function. Changes due to COVID-19 restrictions may apply. Please contact great-hall@wpaog.org for the current room capacity.

How much time is typically needed for setup and cleanup?

  • Caterers typically need an hour to set up. Please speak with your Caterer and other vendors to figure out if they will need additional time. If a vendor shows up before the contracted time or stays after a contracted time, the Client is responsible for the overages.
  • The event starts when the first individual (guest, client, vendor) arrives and continues until the last person leaves or the bus is escorted off at Thayer Gate.

What type of equipment can I rent?

The Client can rent a projector, screen, and microphone by requesting the items in writing no later than 3 days prior to the event. Use of the sound system to play sound via AUX, Bluetooth, or CD is also available. Clients must provide their own connection cables and device.

What does the rental include?

  • Your rental includes the use of the Great Hall, rotunda and back patio.
  • The Great Hall includes the use of tables, chairs, and any additional furniture such as the leather sofas.
  • Caterers can use the bartenders’ kitchen and the Caterers’ kitchen. They cannot use stairwells to store equipment as this is a fire hazard.

What does the rental not include?

  • Food, bartenders and other food service staff, decorations, music, extra equipment and accessories such as cables and batteries.
  • WPAOG does not supply table linens, flatware, plates, glasses, cups, etc.
  • The Great Hall rental goes not include access to conference rooms, offices, or the Gift Shop outside of normal business hours. If you have a large event coming in on a weekend and would like the Gift Shop to be open, please submit a written request to Great-Hall@wpaog.org.

How do my guests clear West Point Post Security?

The Client is responsible for informing guests and vendors of the policies regarding admittance to post. WPAOG is not responsible for any party who fails to meet West Point security requirements. The latest information is available online at https://home.army.mil/westpoint/index.php/about/visitor-information. Special Events are required to complete an attendee manifest and return to Great-Hall@wpaog.org 30 days prior to the event if manifesting services are requested. Any Foreign National group will need to be escorted both onto and off of post by a current CAC holder. Foreign National groups are always required to remain within the building and will need to pay additional fees to cover an escort. Foreign National groups cannot be picked up by another party while under WPAOG’s security approval. The group will need to be escorted off post to be picked up by any West Point Tours. If this is during the rental period, it will require escort off post and back onto post for the remainder of the event.

What types of decorations are allowed?

Clients may arrange for floral, music, photographic, and decoration services. The Client is responsible for providing WPAOG with all vendor names, business addresses, telephone numbers, and arrival times 3 days before the event. Throwing of rice, birdseed, soap bubbles, confetti, fireworks (sparklers, firecrackers) are not permitted. The use of live garland, live flowers or wires on the railing is also not permitted. Artificial or silk flowers can be used without metal wire. Balloons, smoke machines, confetti blowers, or bubble blowers are not allowed as they will set off the fire alarm. Unattended candles are not permitted. Candles must have drip catching devices. The fireplace is available between October 16 and March 15 when the air conditioner is not running for an additional fee. Requests for the fireplace must be submitted at least three days prior to the event.

Who are your approved Caterers?

Clients may choose from our list of approved Caterers. Please contact great-hall@wpaog.org for a current list of approved caterers. Please be sure to fully review all policies associated with having a Caterer at your event as you will be responsible for any overages or damages incurred by the Caterer.

How are Caterers chosen?

The Client chooses a Caterer based on food type, price, and availability. The Client is responsible for making all arrangements and payments directly with Caterers. Please confirm your floor plan with your Caterer as day of changes will result in additional charges for the Client.

Can I move the furniture?

Furniture in Herbert Hall will not be moved by the Client or Caterer. This includes the couches, tables, and chairs in the Hall and the kiosk in the rotunda. Furniture, other than tables and chairs included in the contract, is not to be removed, turned, covered, or inappropriately used as a serving area. WPAOG furniture is for indoor use only. Any tables or chairs required for an outside event will need to be ordered by the Client from an external vendor. Delivery needs to be coordinated with Great Hall staff to arrange for storage. Changes made the day of the event to the floor plan will result in a change fee and require approval by the WPAOG rep onsite. Changes made without the consent of the WPAOG Rep will result in additional fees.

What happens if I have last minute changes?

All last-minute changes to the floor plan, event times, etc. must be communicated with the Great Hall representative and may result in additional fees.

What happens if my chosen Caterer goes over on setup or cleanup time?

The Client will be billed for any additional time used by the Caterer. A credit card must be on file for any incidentals the day of.

What types of payment do you accept?

Payment by check or American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard is accepted. Checks can be written payable to: WPAOG. A credit card must be on file for any incidentals the day of.

Do you have parking on-site?

Public parking near the building is available on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved by private parties. During major events, these areas may not have available parking and guests are expected to utilize other lots. Foreign National groups must be escorted by a credentialed WPAOG employee and their manifest must clear security prior to entry onto West Point, buses may not be able to park in the lot and may need to go to another lot until the event is over. Other organizations cannot pick up foreign national groups from Herbert Hall.

Is your building handicap accessible?

The building does have handicapped entrances and parking. All event spaces are on the first floor.

What part of the building am I renting?

The Client has access to the Great Hall, patio, and rotunda.

Who handles cleanup after the event?

  • The Client’s Caterer is responsible for cleaning up all food, decorations, and kitchen spaces. The building crew will put away all furniture.
  • If a WPAOG department hosts an event with food and the Caterer does not stay to clean up, the department is responsible for the jobs typically handled by the Caterer.

Will someone be available the day of the event?

The Alumni Services department will provide a representative to be the liaison to the Client, Caterer, and Building Staff. They will ensure the room is properly setup and all policies are adhered to by all parties. The building crew is responsible for opening and closing the building, setting up, moving, and taking down the furniture, setting up special equipment including the fireplace, heating the building, ensuring all wires are covered, and putting furniture away after the Caterer has cleaned up from the event. The Caterer is responsible for the serving of food and alcohol, and for cleaning up as indicated above. Changes to the floor plan or timing MUST be communicated directly with the WPAOG Rep on-site. Foreign Nationals must pay for an WPAOG rep escort to be present with their group at all times. WPAOG Building Crew can leave when the guests leave and are responsible for locking up the building. WPAOG Great Hall Representative will remain on site until the Caterer leaves.

What type of insurance needs to be on file with WPAOG?

All approved Caterers have their own insurance. Please check with your other vendors if they provide their own insurance. The Client is responsible for any overages or damages incurred by the vendors or guests.

Can I bring my own food or alcohol?

The Caterer must provide all food and beverages. Clients cannot bring any of their own food or beverages into Hebert Hall including alcohol.

What is not allowed in the Great Hall?

  • Live flowers and wires on the railings, sabers, fireworks, sparklers, smoke machines, bubble machines, confetti machines, and any furniture or equipment that may damage the floors. Decorations cannot be adhered to the walls with tape, Command hooks, or nails.
  • Guests may not repel off of the balconies or enter the fountain.
  • All decorations must be approved by the Great Hall Department.

Can I utilize the back area of the building by the fountain?

Yes, all requests for this area must be submitted in writing and tenting and furniture are the responsibility of the Client. Caterers cannot setup on any of the engraved bricks or pavers. The client is responsible for notifying the Great Hall staff if they plan to utilize a tent.

What types of events do you have in the Hall?

We host a variety of events including weddings, rehearsal dinners, military retirements and promotions, USMA events, lectures, meetings, and many more.

What type of documentation is required to rent the Hall?

The Client must provide a signed contract, deposit, payment in full, Caterer and other vendor information, final head count, and floor plan.

What type of documentation is required before the event?

The Client must provide a signed contract and a deposit to reserve the Great Hall.

Can I put a tent in the back of the building?

  • Yes, the space on the patio and the area behind the fountain can accommodate tents. The easement for the cars to the parking lot must remain open.
  • Tents are not to use spikes, rather they must use weights to hold them down so as not to damage the grounds. All tents must be taken down and removed from the WPAOG within 24 hours of the completed function unless notified otherwise. Delays may result in additional fees. If a tent will interfere with another function, it must be removed sooner at the discretion of the WPAOG Representative.

Can I visit the Hall before my event?

Clients can view the Great Hall during normal weekday business hours from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM as long as there is not another event scheduled. Please call 845-446-1603 to schedule a tour.

My group has foreign nationals, how can I get them on post?

  • Groups must notify the Great Hall Department if there are foreign nationals in their group. The group must submit a manifest at least one week prior to their event. WPAOG is not responsible if any guest does not pass a background check.
  • Tours may not pick up from Herbert Hall if a foreign national is in the group. The Group will be escorted off of post to be picked up by West Point Tours under a separate pass.

Can I book the Great Hall on a holiday?

The Hall is not available for booking on Federal holidays unless done by exception at a higher rate determined by the WPAOG Head Office.

I booked the event. Do I have to be present during the event?

The Client will be the host of the event. This individual is required to be present at the function. Hosts cannot not “sponsor” events for persons or groups.

How far in advance do I have to book the Great Hall?

Booking of the Hall must be done at least 6 weeks before a function is to take place to ensure proper coverage of staff. If the timeline is not able to be met, WPAOG will make an effort to try to accommodate the Client, although, no guarantee can be made.

What is the lost item policy?

  • Please notify Great-Hall@wpaog.org to be on the look out if an item is lost.
  • Any items left, lost, or stolen are not the responsibility of the WPAOG or its employees.

Is smoking allowed in the building or outside of Herbert Hall?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside Herbert Hall nor within 25 feet of a government building.

How do I request a flag?

Flags are an important part of military ceremonies. As such, there are specific protocols and etiquette that are to be followed.

Flag Etiquette

Flags in the Great Hall

Flags in the Great Hall are the property of the USMA Directorate of Academy Advancement and the WPAOG Class Services Department and are not to be moved.

  • Class Flags – To request Class flags, please email class-services@wpaog.org.
  • General Officer Flags – If a General Officer will be attending the event, please contact vince.mcdermott@westpoint.edu to ensure a GO flag is present. I have questions about proper military etiquette who should I contact?  Please contact the Cadet Hostess at 845.938.4681 for guidance.

I have questions about proper military etiquette who should I contact?

Please contact the Cadet Hostess at 845.938.4681 for guidance.