Buy Back Military Pay

Learn more about the Military Service Credit.

  1. Print and Fill out this Academy Record Request form. Enter Letter of Attendance in the field on the right side of the form that says Record (other than transcript) requested: Email the form to transcripts@westpoint.edu.
  2. Contact AARS at 845.938.3708 for a letter that will be forwarded to the appropriate individual for processing the financial data. More information or assistance.

Academy Stores

Limited merchandise is available from The Cadet Store and the USMA Book store online.

Sabers for Wedding Ceremonies

Every military chapel has sabers available at no cost. If circumstances result in unavailability, the Cadet Hostess Office at West Point will ship them for a fee.

To request the sabers, call the Hostess Office at 845.938.3104.

Howitzer, Bugle Notes

Publications/items are available for purchase online from the Directorate of Cadet Activities.

Parades at West Point