Beginning in 2019, the West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) began honoring its military retirees for their service and sacrifice through its Military Retiree Recognition Program.

Retirees who qualify are eligible for:

  • A free Grad Insider Tour for themselves and three guests
  • A free night at The Hotel Thayer, subject to restrictions
  • We publish their name in an issue of West Point magazine, with their permission.

The WPAOG sends out an email to those that we know have retired in the previous year, each February. The program will recognize those who have retired in the past five years, so beginning 1 October 2023, we will recognize those who have retired on or after 1 October 2018. Each October we will move the date one year later.

WPAOG will also publish information about the program in each issue of the magazine with instructions on how to apply.

Please email retiree@wpaog.org if you have any questions.