The Hudson Valley Program directly addresses WPAOG strategic goals to serve West Point and the Long Gray Line. The Hudson Valley Program (HVP) comprises WPAOG initiatives designed to assist in the economic, educational, and social development of West Point neighbor communities, in particular the Town of Highlands. A thriving local community is a benefit to the numerous West Point employee families who live in the town, to USMA admissions by making West Point more appealing to cadet candidates and their parents, to the Academy by attracting accomplished staff and faculty, and to graduates by improving their experiences when returning to their alma mater.

CONNECT Initiative


WPAOG launched CONNECT in September 2022, as part the larger Hudson Valley Program effort to strengthen ties with the Highland Falls community, provide greater engagement within an underserved community, and bolster student achievement. CONNECT serves students in grades 3-8 within the Highland Falls Intermediate School, providing free after school programming from 3:00pm-6:00pm, five days a week, throughout the school year, for any student.

CONNECT includes the following four central components:

  1. Academic Support: CONNECT offers student support in core subject areas (i.e. math, reading etc.) as well as many extracurricular activities, including robotics, music, and art, among others. Each week students get an additional 12-15 hours of out-of-school, hands-on, academic fun that enriches their lives and supports their growth. This essentially provides students with two additional days of school each week for growth academically, emotionally, and socially. This also means that students receiving math, English, Spanish, and reading help are getting 1.5 hours of additional academic assistance in those subjects. That time equates to two additional classes each week.
  2.  Mentorship/Leadership: West Point cadets often participate in activities and naturally bridge the generational gap as accessible, young mentors.
  3. Physical Activity/ Recreation: Students can participate in daily recreational and outdoor activities, such as soccer, basketball, yoga, and martial arts. They also participate in activities with West Point’s Division I athletic teams, including the Sprint Football and Lacrosse Teams.
  4. Snack & Nutrition: Students receive a free, healthy snack every day, and nutrition is embedded within the curriculum. For example, students have cultivated a vegetable garden at the school and participated in cooking classes.

Economic Development Initiative

Highland Falls Sign

Following a model increasingly common for major institutions of higher education around the country, the Hudson Valley Program (HVP) includes an Economic Development initiative with the purpose to serve as a catalyst to help improve the economic vibrancy of neighboring communities. West Point alumni and friends have provided their considerable networking power and expertise to advise HVP as it accumulates strategic properties and determines the best use of those properties. HVP creates investment proposals relating to the strategic properties for the consideration of potential investors. In the long term, WPAOG may lease land or participate directly in the development of impactful projects to support the Town of Highlands.