Road Closure

Road Closure

Construction has begun on the Michie Stadium Preservation Project. Mills Road is now closed to all vehicular and foot traffic between Stony Lonesome Road and Herbert Hall. Learn more.


Leaving a legacy…brick by brick

These paths serve as a permanent, elegant, and recognizable remembrance to visitors entering the building from Mills Road and surrounding areas.

Brick or Paver?

StoneSizeTax Deductible DonationLinesCharacters per Line*
BRICK 4″x8″ $500 3 12
PAVER 8″x8″ $1,500 6 13

Desktop replicas of your brick are offered for an additional donation of $250.
Desktop replicas of your paver are offered for an additional donation of $400.
Cannot be shipped to PO boxes, APOs, FPOs, DPOs, or outside the CONUS.

*Character count includes spaces


There are two installations per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Orders placed between March 2nd and July 1st will be installed in the fall, about a week before the first home football game. Orders placed between July 2nd and March 1st will be installed in the spring, about a week before graduation. The complete order and full payment must be received by the deadline to be included in the installation. Once payment is received, a certificate to recognize the donation will be emailed. At the time of installation, a link to the online Brick and Paver map will be sent, along with a photograph of the donation. (Please be aware if you are ordering a replica brick or paver, it will be shipped to you once the installation has been completed.)

A view of Bricks and Pavers near the Alumni Center Building

(Or you can fill out this order form and mail to WPAOG – Brick & Paver, 698 Mills Road, West Point, NY 10996)

Available Spaces

Available space in all class sections is limited. Currently, there are no more available spaces in the 1973 Class Section. Graduate bricks are placed in their class section. Other bricks are usually installed in the “Black Knights” section unless they have a special affiliation to the class such as a spouse or ex-cadet and do not have a class year engraved on them. Pavers are done in order of how they are received in the “Black Knights” section. You may request a special placement, however, WPAOG reserves the right to make the final determination of placement and it may be moved in the future to accommodate future expansion.


All inscriptions must be in compliance with WPAOG’s Brick and Paver Policy.

  • Fonts will be chosen by WPAOG to maintain consistency with existing engraving.
  • To maintain an elegant cohesive appearance, bricks can only be ordered in standard red, and pavers can only be ordered in standard gray.
  • Donors provide requested inscription. The inscriptions are public in nature and intended for visitors to Herbert Hall. Therefore, no private or coded inscriptions will be allowed. WPAOG reserves the right to approve all inscriptions.
A view of Bricks near the Alumni Center

Disclaimer *

If a group of individuals raise funds or pools personal funds for the purpose of making a donation to WPAOG, recognition credit and the tax deduction in the full amount will be given only to the individual or entity making the actual donation (i.e. the person signing the check or submitting the credit card). If each individual wishes to receive recognition credit and a tax receipt, each individual must write a check or submit cash/a money order with a list of names and gift amounts to be credited to each individual.

WPAOG Brick and Paver Program
James K. Herbert Alumni Center
698 Mills Road

West Point, NY 10996

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