West Point Association of Graduates maintains a folder (“Cullum File”) on every individual who ever attended USMA. This file becomes more important for historical research every year.  No one has access to your Cullum File without your or the Association Secretary’s prior approval. 


Marilee Meyer

Headshot of Brevet Major General George W. Cullum

Ways to submit your Vital Statistic Sheet:


Open the Adobe PDF link and fill in the text fields on the document, make sure the “highlight fields” button is selected. You can find it in the upper right hand corner or the Acrobat Reader page. After you are finished filling out all the fields click on the “submit by email” button found on the bottom and top of the form. Cullum File Suggested List of Documents.

Click here for Vital Statistic Sheet – PDF

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Software


  • You may fill in the text fields and print the document and mail it back, OR
  • Print the document out, fill it out with a pen, and mail it back to the address below.

    West Point Association of Graduates
    ATTN: Marilee Meyer
    698 Mills Road
    West Point, NY 10996