Dettre Memorial Services Assistance Program

A generous donation by Mrs. Betty Dettre in memory of her husband—MG Rexford H. Dettre Jr., USMA January 1943—made it possible for West Point Association of Graduates to provide the support of a Memorial Service Coordinator. The primary role of the Memorial Services Coordinator is to assist the families of West Point Graduates who are being buried at the West Point Cemetery.

Upon receiving notification of the burial of a Graduate at the West Point cemetery, the Memorial Services Coordinator at WPAOG will contact the next-of-kin to notify him or her of the assistance available to the bereaved family.

The Memorial Services Coordinator is knowledgeable about a myriad of local services relevant to the burial and can provide information about: Funeral Homes,  Florists, Lodging, Transportation (shuttle services from local airports and rental car agencies), Restaurants, Reception Venues, Photography


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Note: this program is intended to supplement the funeral services already provided by the USMA Memorial Affairs Office.

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West Point Post Cemetery Memorial Affairs Office is the family’s primary point of contact regarding matters directly related to the Graduate’s burial at the West Point Cemetery. Please contact them for questions relating to the burial plot, the date of the burial, transporting the remains to West Point, and related matters.

We hope that this program will aid families during a difficult time, and we want to thank Mrs. Dettre again for her generous gift which is enabling us to better assist the Long Gray Line.

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