West Point’s Engineering Management Program and Student Chapter Win ASEM Awards

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West Point’s Engineering Management Program received the 2023 American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) Founder’s Award for Best Undergraduate Program.

“This award annually recognizes the top undergraduate engineering management program leadership out of the 50 international programs eligible,” ASEM explained. “The judging criteria is based on demonstrated contributions to undergraduate engineering management education and practice, recommendations from stakeholders outside of the institution including employers and alumni, and other significant achievements related to undergraduate engineering management program leadership.”

The Engineering Management Program of the Department of Systems Engineering has won this award 18 times since 1991.

“We are outrageously proud of the team’s diverse accomplishments in Engineering Management (EM) – it is no surprise EM continues to be a highly subscribed major,” said COL Julia Coxen, Head of the Department of Systems Engineering. “Big thanks to the extremely impressive and elite team of EM leaders, faculty and cadets in the Department of Systems Engineering. ALL SYSTEMS GO!”

In addition to earning the top program award, West Point also earned the 2023 ASEM Founder’s Award for the Best Student Chapter. The Student Chapter has won this award six times since 2001.

“This award annually recognizes the best chapter out of the 25 international student chapters eligible,” ASEM cited. “The judging criteria is based on nine criteria ranking the student and faculty international and local contributions to the engineering management profession.”

These international awards highlight the EM Program and Student Chapter’s continued excellence in providing opportunities for cadets to experience engineering management in and outside the classroom through guest speaker series, field trips and other enrichment activities.

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Excerpt and image taken from https://www.westpoint.edu.

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