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Projects Day Research Symposium at West Point

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Cadets’ intellectual capital on display

The U.S. Military Academy cadets put their intellectual capital on display for other cadets, faculty, military leaders, and project partners from industry and the military to view during the 25th annual Projects Day Research Symposium on May 2. The symposium showcased more than 400 research projects from across all academic disciplines at the academy.

Projects Day 2024

“This culminating event is a testament to our cadets’ significant intellectual development as they communicate the depth of their discipline to hundreds of advisors and external visitors,” said BG Shane Reeves ’96, USMA Dean of the Academic Board. “Whether conducting a capstone brief or defending a senior thesis, cadets develop hands-on research skills that push them to think deeper, anticipate and overcome challenges, and inspire them to continue to tackle the Army’s toughest problems.”

This year’s academic theme is “Innovation, Technology and the Future of National Defense.” Cadet projects ran the full gamut of technology game-changers. One project centered on nanomaterial sprayable battery technologies and munitions. This innovation could improve batteries and hydrogen fuel cells by boosting the performance of energy storage and generation. Another project focused on automated breach capabilities that could replace handheld tools for cutting through heavily fortified structures, a necessity in modern military conflicts. The automated system aims to create a safer, more efficient, and easier way for Soldiers to breach defenses without direct exposure to danger.

Projects Day Research Symposium 2024

“… I’m confident that our Army is heading in the right direction for future conflicts,” said CSM Brian Hester. “It’s amazing how these cadets are looking toward the future and are working at the forefront of Army transformation.”

Hester believes that as these impeccable future leaders demonstrate their creations during this event, they are not only benefiting themselves but the Army as a whole.

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Excerpt taken from https://www.westpoint.edu.

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