Class of 2020 Crest Unveiling

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Class of 2020 Draft of Crest Symbolism

  • The seven stars represent our affiliation with the class of ’70.
  • The eagle is looking right towards the officer saber, symbolizing us looking towards our future.
  • The eagle is also looking right towards the olive branches while clutching the arrows, symbolizing our want of peace and preparedness to defend it.
  • There are 20 rivets in the shield for the class of 2020.
  • The eagle is clutching the shield tightly with large talons, symbolizing our tireless defense of the nation and our commitment to the values of Duty, Honor, Country.
  • The eagle’s vigilant eye represents our vision to lead through service to the country.
  • Overall, the more traditional crest style represents that while our focus is on our future, we cannot forget our past.

Our crest, like most every crest, contains the Flag, the Eagle, the cadet and officer sabers, our class year and motto, and “USMA,” though the way each class chooses to use these and other elements speak to what values are particularly important to it. For us, our vision is paramount. “With Vision We Lead” isn’t just some pun on our class year; it’s a philosophy that as the leaders of the future, we have a responsibility to have a vision for it, and to see that vision through. This is why one of the most striking aspects of the crest is the piercing eye of the eagle. The large, dominant eagle is also reminiscent of older class crests – such as that of our affiliate class of 1970 – reminding us that while our vision must be for the future, we cannot forget our storied past. Its large talons tightly grip the shield with its 20 rivets, symbolizing our class’s commitment to the tireless defense of our country. The eagle’s large talons also grip the three arrows and the olive branch, a reminder that we are guided by the ideas of Duty, Honor, Country, and a want of eventual peace. The seven Army Values are also present in the seven stars on our nation’s flag.

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