Class of 2020 Acceptance Day

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The Class of 2020 officially become members of the Corps of Cadets after the successful completion of Cadet Basic Training Aug. 13. Since Reception Day at the end of June, the ‘new cadets’ as they were called then trained, learned and memorized the Book of Knowledge and went through a grueling six weeks of Cadet Basic Training through unbearable heat and a few thunderstorms. At the completion, all 1,271 cadets marched from Camp Buckner to West Point, roughly a 12-mile march in the traditional ending of Cadet Basic Training. The Class of 2020 went right from basic training to reorganization week where they retrieve computers, iPads, get their class schedules, rifles, and cadet sabers and finding a roommate. The following Saturday, they became plebes and are no longer ‘new cadets.’ Class began Aug. 15.


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