CDT Grete ’23 Participates in a Simulated Mission to Mars

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CDT Alicyn Grete ’23 participated in a simulated mission to Mars over winter break at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Hanksville, Utah, and supported by the Stamps Scholars Program. Compared to other simulated Martian environments, MDRS is the most geographically similar to the surface of the red planet. Alicyn’s project, advised by COL Jason Barnhill in the Department of Chemistry and Life Science, investigated the ability to train crewmembers to address bone fractures without access to specialist support from Mission Control. The ability to train non-orthopedic specialists to conduct life or limb-saving surgery in low-resource environments could have tremendous impacts for the aerospace medicine field, as well as austere and expeditionary medicine where trained surgeons may be scarce.

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