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CBS News’ John Dickerson Gives 7th Annual Zengerle Lecture at West Point

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The Department of English and Philosophy (DEP) at West Point hosted the West Point Humanities Center’s 7th annual Zengerle Lecture in the arts and humanities on April 15 at the Haig Room in Jefferson Hall Library.

This year, CBS Chief Political Analyst John Dickerson led a discussion on truth and media. Dickerson, a journalist and author, serves as a CBS national correspondent and hosts CBS News Primetime.

Dickerson conversed with a room full of DEP cadets and asked them “What is their why?” He spoke to them about how when times are tough, he asks himself why he is doing something to stay centered on his path even if it is not popular. He also advised cadets “not to be insular,” to always have an open mind as a leader, and to not fall for click bait news.

During his speech, Dickerson referenced one of the most significant interviews of his career with Congressman John R. Lewis, and his discussion of Lewis’ plight as a civil rights activist. He also discussed the struggles presidents face during adversity and how they find their way through difficult times. He referenced West Point graduate President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1915) as a president he admired, and he spoke some of his book, “The Hardest Job in the World,” which focuses on presidential history and the challenges of the presidency.

The Zengerle Family Lecture Series in the Arts and Humanities, endowed by Joseph Zengerle ’64 in honor of his wife, Lynda, and their two sons, brings distinguished speakers to West Point. These lectures aim to enrich faculty and cadet intellectual development, foster interdisciplinary scholarship, and bridge the civil-military divide by inviting diverse voices in the arts and humanities to address a military audience.

These conferences that connect cadets with accomplished creative professionals are made possible by the generous contributions to WPAOG’s Margin of Excellence. 

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