What is the 50 -Year Affiliation?

The 50-Year Affiliation Program is a program that formally connects the entering cadet class with an alumni class that is fifty years its senior. Over the next four years, the graduates will accompany their affiliated cadets at significant Academy events (e.g. Cow Affirmation Ceremony, Ring Weekend, Branch Night).

What is the purpose of the 50-Year Affiliation Program?

The purpose of the program is to strengthen the ties between the graduates of yesterday and the cadets of today as both groups work together to strengthen the Long Gray Line as it serves our nation.

When did the 50-Year Affiliation Program begin?

The program began in 1999 when the Class of 1949 presented the Class of 1999 with engraved 2LT bars at graduation. It has expanded since then and includes eight ‘main’ events.

What are the main events of the program?

Does this program cost anything to the senior class?

The preferred source of funding is the Class Admin Account. However, if the class does not have sufficient money in their Admin Account, a class can choose to use its Gift Account. Please see the 50-Year Affiliation Funding Policy for further information.

When does a class need to start prepping for their 50-Year Affiliation?

We encourage classes to begin preparing for their affiliation at their 40th reunion. In order for the class to be better informed about the program, the Director of Class Services can brief the class during its class business meeting at the reunion.

How many people can participate in each event?

The answer to that question varies by event. For instance, only two 50YAs (and their guests) can attend the Crest Unveiling dinner, but many 50 YAs are encouraged to participate in the R-day, Affirmation, and Branch Night events.

If I travel to a 50-Year Affiliation event, will I be reimbursed?

No, all expenses (travel, lodging, meals. etc.) are the responsibility of the individual and not the class or WPAOG.

Tell me more about the different events and what they entail.

More detailed information is available upon request.

What is your advice to have a successful 50-Year Affiliation?

Start early (at your 40th reunion). Most classes have one overall lead (or POC) for the Affiliation Program. This POC works closely with WPAOG’s Class Services (in the Office of Alumni Support). It is recommended that in addition to the overall POC your class also have POCs for R-day, March Back, Affirmation, and Branch Night).

Is there a 50-Year Affiliation with the Cadet Candidates at the Prep School?

Many classes do choose to connect with the Cadet Candidates that are at the Prep School. This Affiliation program, however, is managed by the Army staff at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School and are subject to change. Class Services at WPAOG can also answer general questions about their Affiliation Program.

What else can my class do to prepare for our 50 Year Affiliate years?

Many 50 YA classes choose to work with the Academy’s Admissions Office and Parent Clubs to welcome the Cadet Candidates and to introduce them to the 50 YA program. This welcoming is often done in the forms of certificates and letters that are mailed or given out to each new Cadet Candidate. You can find more information about these certificates here.

If I have questions about the program or would like to get involved who should I contact?

Please direct any inquiries to the Office of Class Services, 845.446.1614 or 50YearAffiliation@wpaog.org. We also encourage you to let your class leadership know that you are interested in participating or being a POC for your class.

Thank you for your interest in the 50-Year Affiliation Program!