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CDT Megan Cooper ’25

Semester Abroad, L’École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, France

The Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) is dedicated to cultivating leaders of character with global perspectives and proficiency in various languages. Immersion is crucial for achieving both language fluency and cultural understanding, and DFL is dedicated to providing cadets with transformative experiences.

CDT Megan Cooper ’25

Semesters abroad have a profound impact on both personal and professional growth. Despite vast language and cultural barriers, West Point and international cadets share a common mindset, patriotism, and enthusiasm for service. They are united by mutual core values and a dedication to discipline. It’s inspiring to see that these values transcend borders and can initiate lifelong friendships in just a single day.

CDT Megan Cooper ’25 eagerly embraced the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at L’Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr in France. Cooper reflected, “The immersion in the French language and culture during my semester abroad proved invaluable to both my academic and professional development. Upon returning to West Point, I had achieved full language proficiency, proven by my Defense Language Proficiency Test and Oral Proficiency Interview scores. Additionally, I interacted with foreign military officers from over a dozen countries. This experience broadened my understanding and equipped me with the necessary skills to navigate diverse cultural landscapes effectively.

West Point’s Semester Abroad Program reinforced my commitment to continued service, it highlighted the significance of military academies on an international scale, and deepened my pride in what will soon be my alma mater.”

CDT Megan Cooper ’25

Impacting the Cadet Experience: The Power of Your Support

Private Margin of Excellence support enhances cadet experiences at the Academy, from character to academic, physical to military. These are the additional programs, facilities, and opportunities the West Point Superintendent and other Academy leaders have determined are most important for preparing ethical and agile leaders of character. Thank you for all you do to enhance the cadet experience—an experience that will establish the foundation for the course of their lives.

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