West Point Mountaineering Wins Northern Warfare Challenge

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Cadets on the West Point Mountaineering Team won the Northern Warfare Challenge, a ROTC military skills competition in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Five cadets, led by CDT Sebastian English ’26, placed first out of 49 teams winning the ruck by over five minutes as well as excelling in the fire starting, knots, and arctic survival tests. In frigid weather and steep terrain, the team rucked 14 miles, including a two-mile casualty drag, in less than 3.5 hours. Cadets Sebastian English ’26 and Luke Garver ’26 led the team, which included Cadets Orrin Miller ’25, Jonathan Benchoff ’27, and Luke Maddry ’27. Alternate CDT Zoe Bennett-Manke ’25 provided invaluable support throughout the weekend.

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Excerpt taken from the Directorate of Cadet Activities. Image taken from https://www.army.mil.

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