West Point Graduates Aid Roll-Over Accident Victim

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In an age when people are more inclined to take out their phones to capture the next viral moment, four Army officers in an act of selfless service, united to rescue a woman trapped in a flipped car after a harrowing accident.

Second lieutenants Michael Bonifazio ’23, Liam Dowd ’23, Stephen Grabher ’23 and Erika Hartel ’23, students in the Field Artillery Basic Officer Leadership Course, were driving home from a long day of training when they witnessed the accident.

The incident occurred on East Gore Blvd, near the entrance to the Comanche Nation Casino, when one of the cars was struck by a vehicle coming off the freeway. The impact sent the first car tumbling, rolling three times and ultimately landing on its roof.

The officers immediately rushed to help, where they found the female driver trapped inside. They said their training and background proved invaluable as they worked together to free the driver.

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