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West Point Class of 2027 Crest Unveiling

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Cadets from the U.S. Military Class of 2027 spent time with family and friends during Plebe-Parent Weekend March 22-23 at West Point.

Before spring break began for the Fourth Class cadets, they enjoyed exploring USMA with their family and friends visiting the Cadet Uniform Factory, the Army Sports Hall of Fame, Archives and Special Collections at the USMA Library, the Simulation Center, tour of Quarters 100, the Academic Open Houses at various departments, among other opportunities on March 22.

The day ended with the Plebe Review where the plebes marched along the apron between MacArthur Barracks and Eisenhower Barracks in front of their guests.

The weekend ended March 23 with the Barracks Open House during the day and then the banquet at the Cadet Mess Hall and hop at Eisenhower Hall in the evening.

The Plebe Parent Weekend Banquet for the Class of 2027 was a memorable event, marked by the unveiling of their class crest by the Class Ring and Crest Committee Chairman, CDT Trieste Perciavalle ’27. Perciavalle thanked her Deputy Chairman CDT Patrick Dunn ’27 and CDT Rocco Alessandro ’27 for helping throughout the design process.

Two esteemed members of the 50-Year Affiliate Class of 1977, Mr. Scott Leishman Esq. and LTC (R) Stanley Warrick, were in attendance. They congratulated the Class of 2027 and represented the enduring bond that is the Long Gray Line.

Perciavalle delivered one of the evening’s inspiring speeches. She beautifully described the symbolism behind each element of the Class of 2027’s crest and paid homage to West Point’s traditions.

“Above me hangs Old Glory, our emblem true. You see, she’s changed a lot since 1802,” Perciavalle described. “She’s weathered storms, seen the years unfold, yet her spirit remains a tale to be told. In the middle of our national symbol, a vigilant guide; his wings outstretched with unwavering pride.

“Behind him lies on the right, a cadet’s blade,” she added. “On the left, that of an officer, one newly made. Both sabers, the answer of a call to lead, unsheathed, ready for duty, a solemn creed. Beneath him, crossed drill rifles, a symbol firm, discipline’s echo in each passing term.

“Hours on The Plain: ‘pass in review,’ ‘dress-right.’ Cadets begging, ‘please, sir, can we get on with our night?’” Perciavalle continued. “Above him extend two branches, our Academy’s roots. The branches stand firm in honor and in truth. One for our peace, and the other for our strength: a reminder of the Gray Line’s steadiness and length.

“On top, the number 27. A new chapter to unfold,” she concluded. “A 222-year legacy of those brave and those bold. In every step, every formation, through every lesson we’ve driven. A journey etched, our very own destiny, one that’s been ‘Earned not Given.’”

After completing her poem, Perciavalle would finish her remarks about her class and their growth into officers.

“As we become junior officers – the Army’s scaffolding – I’ll leave you with a quote from the man who inspired this poeticism in me, David Allan Coe,” Perciavalle stated. “He once said, ‘It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.’”

Subsequently, SGM Michael Weimer, whose daughter, Zoe, is a part of the Class of 2027, addressed the class and their guests as the evening’s guest speaker.

Weimer began his speech by acknowledging it was both “an honor and a privilege” to address the plebe class during their first major milestone post Acceptance Day. He also acknowledged the parents in attendance.

“It’s amazing for the parents who are here today to be able to see the leadership in action – pouring into your children,” Weimer said.

Weimer directed his comments toward the plebe class on their road ahead.

“Together, we’ll forge a future defined by courage, honor and unwavering resolve,” Weimer explained. “I challenge each and every one of you today to remember The Army Values – Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

“As you embrace your call to service, lead with integrity and honor, and stand as guardians of the profession,” he added. “Together, we will uphold the proud legacy of those who have gone before us. And together we will ensure that our Army remains the lethal warfighting culture for generations to come.”

Class of 2027 Plebe Parent Weekend Banquet

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