Podcast: Looking Ahead, 2023 Season Preview with Jeff Monken, Head Coach of Army West Point Football

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This episode features an interview with Jeff Monken, Head Coach of Army West Point Football.

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Coach Monken has an accomplished background in football, both as a coach and a player. Before joining Army West Point football, he was the head coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles football team, and prior to that served under Paul Johnson as a running back’s coach and special teams coordinator at Georgia Southern, Navy, and Georgia Tech. To date, Coach Monken has served nine seasons at the helm of Army West Point football, the 37th individual head coach in program history. His career coaching record stands at 102-65 as a head coach, with a 64-49 mark at Army.

“This academy, it’s way bigger than any individual that will ever work here, coach here, teach here, go to school here. This academy, West Point, that’s the legacy. We all play our part and we all contribute to the legacy of this academy. And, I hope our nation is here for eternity. This is the greatest country in the world and we have the nation’s premier service academy and a national treasure here. And this place, I hope, will be in existence as long as our country is a nation.”

—Coach Jeff Monken

In this episode, Coach Monken talks about where the team stands pre-season, the importance of optimizing player safety, the impact of conference realignment for Army football, and leaving a legacy at West Point.

Episode Timestamps

(01:53) Preseason talk
(04:34) Quarterbacks and team captains
(08:37) Optimizing player safety
(15:39) Conference realignment
(24:31) Legacy at West Point
(26:07) Final thoughts


2023 Football Schedule
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“How incredibly proud we are as a program to represent the Long Gray Line, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the US Army. It is with tremendous pride that we put those uniforms on every Saturday and our guys go out there and fight as hard as they can to win. And that’s a representation of the Army, because winning matters. And so our guys go out there and give their very best with those same colors that they’re going to wear, and you can be certain that the pride of the Army and the pride of West Point and the Long Gray Line are living in the hearts of those guys every time they play.”

—Coach Jeff Monken

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