‘Part of a Team’: Corsaro Family Father and Son Share Army Aviation Legacy

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2nd Lt. Jacob M. Corsaro ’23 remembers the day a West Point graduate visited his school and said something that made him want to join the Army.

“She said ‘in the Army you’re always going to be working as part of a team’,” Jacob said. “I always liked working as part of a team. I like people, I like being around others, I like working with others. If you’re in the Army and you’re part of a team you’re never alone. No one likes to be alone.”

However, it was because of influences a little closer to home that Jacob, a graduate of the United States Military Academy-West Point, now finds himself in flight school at the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence where his father, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Michael A. Corsaro, an Apache helicopter pilot, currently serves as the chief warrant officer of the Aviation branch.

In fact, Jacob’s earliest memory of his dad was a redeployment: at 4 a.m. the Soldiers had just deplaned and mustered in front of the hangar. Jacob was among the crowd of family members waiting inside to welcome their Soldiers home.

Though very young, he remembers the hangar doors opening, and a man peeking his head inside for a moment to see if it was time for them to enter yet.

“‘That’s your dad’,” Jacob heard his mother say.

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