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Meet CDT Gabriel ’24: West Point’s Future Army Physician Scientist

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This episode of the WPAOG Podcast features an interview with CDT Justus Gabriel, a Life Science Major at West Point, Class of 2024.

CDT Gabriel, is a recipient of the Stamps and Goldwater Scholarships, and plans to pursue a career as an Army physician scientist. He is engaged in research on the molecular mechanisms that cause toxicity after exposure to biological threat agents and the accumulation of proteins during Alzheimer’s disease. His work seeks to develop therapeutics to protect the neuronal cells from these threats. In addition to academic interests, he is currently a CDT Platoon Sergeant in his academic year company, an active member in the West Point pre-medical program and fly-fishing club, and is a former member of the Army West Point Boxing team.

In this episode, CDT Gabriel talks about the cadet experience to include writing a first author paper, applying for scholarships, and his involvement with the medical program at West Point.

Disclaimer: This episode does not imply Federal endorsement.

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Episode Timestamps

(00:32) CDT Gabriel’s background and getting involved in life science
(02:48) Dr. Limbocker’s research interests and involvement
(05:07) Writing a first author paper
(10:27) Applying for the Stamps Scholarship
(13:12) The War Fighters’ Innovation and Science Engineering Competition
(15:19) CDT Gabriel’s involvement with the medical program at West Point
(17:51) Life as a cadet and daily routine
(20:37) Advice for future cadets


CDT Justus Gabriel
Dr. Ryan Limbocker’s LinkedIn
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“One of the big things that I feel like I’ve learned at West Point, both through research and just through the kinetic experience, is problem solving. So, I think that’s also one of the main reasons I’ve been drawn to medicine and particularly medical research. As I continue my career, I want to continue problem solving and then also, as a physician, directly applying those sorts of research solutions to patient care. In the future, I would like to see myself as a leader in Army medicine, really seeking to discover new and creative ways to treat patients and to ultimately make a lasting impact on medicine in general.”

—CDT Justus Gabriel ‘24

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