How Army West Point Prepares for Esports Competition

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FITGMR and Esports Illustrated spoke to Victor Castro, the Deputy Director of the Army West Point Esports, to discuss their day-to-day process. Castro serves as a DOD and specifically works in analysis modeling and simulations.

The cadets start their day at 0500 and immediately clean their rooms. Both roommates have an area of responsibility that they have to clean. They complete small tasks throughout the entire day. The first thing they do is start working out and getting ready for classes, which start at 0730 and finish at 1155. Each class is around 55 minutes with a 10-12 minute gap in between.

After lunch and the study period, they have a mandatory exercise period called Company Athletics. Every student is an athlete, and this ensures that each cadet is physically fit at all times. This gives them a chance to vent and get some frustrations out and play a sport. Continuing this process helps the cadets gel together as much as possible.

Once the Company Athletics is finished, which is from 1630-1800, the cadets head back to get cleaned up, get dinner, and start doing personal items. Then they have evening study period, which is mainly for the freshmen, but everyone has to do it throughout the day. Every cadet understands how to manage their time and balance their schedule.

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Esports is one of the 120 clubs made possible by donors supporting the Margin of Excellence. Cadet clubs are vital leadership labs, calling for many of the same abilities expected of our combat leaders: the ability to coordinate logistics, manage budgets, maintain equipment, deploy and redeploy safely, and win.

Check out video of the Army Esports team in action. 

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