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Company Athletics Compete for Brigade Championships

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USMA Company Athletics squads competed for the Spring Brigade Championships in Orienteering, Flickerball, Team Handball, Functional Fitness, Grappling and Ultimate Frisbee on May 7 at Daly Field and the Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center.

Company A-1 earned the Orienteering championship, Co. D-3 took the Flickerball championship, Co. C-2 netted the Team Handball championship, Co. G-3 won the Functional Fitness title and Co. I-4 earned the Ultimate Frisbee championship.

Among the cadet who took the Grappling individual titles in both women and men weight classes were CDTs Ava Purifoy ’25 (Co. H-2), Miruna Duracu ’25 (Co. A-1), Erica Brackett ’26 (Co. C-1), Cory Brewer ’27 (Co. C-3) Giovanni Biondo ’25 (Co. H-2), Samuel Bethke ’27 (Co. I-3), Jack Pacheco ’26 (Co. E-2), Garret Vowinkel ’25 (Co. I-1), Paolo Luevano ’26 (Co. H-3) and Montrel Jackson ’24 (Co. D-3). Company H-2 earned the overall company Grappling title with Co. A-3 as the runner-up. Company A-1 won the Banker’s Trophy as the company that earned the most points in fall and spring company athletics. Earning the top points in the other regiments were Co. B-2, Co. I-3 and Co. B-4. The winner of the Mascot Games was 1st Regiment.

There are nearly 120 cadet clubs at West Point including athletic, recreational, academic, religious, hobby, and diversity clubs – something for virtually every interest, made possible by donors supporting the Margin of Excellence.

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Excerpt and image taken from https://www.westpoint.edu.

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