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Class of 2025 Crest Unveiling

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Written on top of our class crest is the motto of the Class of 2025: “Together We Thrive.” When our Class voted on a motto during Cadet Basic Training at the beginning of our time here at West Point, we were already making a statement that our lives are not about us. While individual excellence and personal greatness are worthy pursuits, it is far greater to be a member of a team, committed to something beyond ourselves. “Together We Thrive” is a motto that is not self-seeking or boastful. Rather, it emphasizes our class’ commitment to each other, to the future soldiers we will lead, and to the people of the United States, whose freedoms we will always fight to protect. An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our class motto encapsulates these wise words, and the Class of 2025 will indeed go far. PHOTOS

Photo: CDT Michael Jordan, Class Secretary; CDT Katherine Lareau, Class Vice President; COL (R) John Uhorchak ’75; CDT Amodieo Bowman, Class President; Dr. William Crain ’75; CDT Keeley Davis, Ring & Crest Committee; COL (R) Thomas Noreen ’75; CDT Camily Widger, PPW First Captain; COL (R) Richard Hoefert ’75; CDT Brooks Johnson, PPW BDE CSM

To honor those who came before us, our fifty-year affiliate, the Class of 1975, is represented on our crest. The chain that runs through the eagle’s beak represents the bonds we have already made and will continue to strengthen with our affiliate class. Another significant feature on our crest is the star. In the center of the Class of 1975’s class crest is a star – a unique emblem of their Class’s strength which we wanted to honor on our class crest. The star reminds us of the shining excellence of this institution, and it pays respect to the sacrifices of the Class of 1975.

The cadet and officer sabers represent our future transition from the Corps of Cadets to the United States Army Commissioned Officer Corps. Absorbing the true embodiment of Duty, Honor, Country from our time as cadets at the United States Military Academy, to commission into the ranks of officers in the United States Army, the sabers are emboldened to represent the perseverance of the Class and the promise to serve with the Army Values in our near future. The eagle’s claws gripping the swords show the support we are surrounded by and our faith in each other to uphold each other to graduate as commissioned leaders of character.

The blue border around our crest’s shield is another tribute to our 50- year affiliates. The Class of 1975’s crest is heavily emboldened with “infantry blue” and is a proud representation of those who have fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice on the front lines of our nation’s wars.

Class of 2025 Plebe-Parent Banquet
Class of 2025 Plebe Parent Weekend – West Point Flickr

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