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One of the highlights of Plebe-Parent Weekend, the Class of 2018 unveiled its Crest on Saturday night at a banquet in the Mess Hall. Since 2013, the plebes unveil their class crest during the banquet. The Class of 2018 crest states their class motto, “With Strength We Lead” and will hang in Eisenhower Hall’s Crest Room.

U.S. Military Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr. thanked the family members for attending and spoke to the Class of 2018. “Members of the Class of 2018, your agility and your adaptability made this all worthwhile out there this afternoon,” Caslen said. “I am impressed. You looked great and you all did a great job.”

Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson spoke to the class of 2018 and began by remembering that it wasn’t too long ago, in 1978, when he was sitting on the other side of the poop deck. Anderson also wanted those in attendance to remember all the Soldiers of the U.S. Military Academy who had boots in the sand for our country since 2001. “These heroes and their families, along with hundreds of others in action, certainly stand with each and every one of us,” Anderson said. “They will certainly be in our hearts and prayers. “After tonight,” Anderson added. “Each and every one of you will be on your way. Your lives will begin to assume more normalcy than you ever had here at the academy. “So tonight we pause for a moment and take stock, and look out on this class tonight,” Anderson concluded. “You made it through. basic training, first amendment classes and all the other things that make life as a plebe damn near impossible.” Anderson left the cadets with his three pieces of advice on leadership. One, leadership is about people. Two, leadership is about balance. “You are all accomplished people,” Anderson said. “But you have to remember where you came from. Keep things in perspective.” The third is confidence. Soldiers must trust their leadership and you must trust. “Honor the highest standards at all times,” Anderson said.

Plebe-Parent Weekend
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