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Class of 2015 Crest Unveiling

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Daniel Donaghy ’65 and John Howell ’65, members of the Class of 2015’s 50-Year Affiliation Class were honored to share in the Class of 2015 Crest Unveiling. Donaghy designed the Crest for the Class of 1965 and Howell was the Ring and Crest Chair.

Crest Symbolism

The American Flag – The American Flag lies in the background of our crest as a subtle reminder that all of our actions are employed to support and defend the nation that we have sworn our allegiance to. It is a symbol of freedom that stood with us at the beginning of our nation, and will continue to stand above us for all time.

USMA – The USMA acronym serves as not only a representation of our Alma Mater but also as an embodiment of the core values placed upon each cadet: Duty, Honor, Country.

Eagle – The Eagle has been a key component of West Point class crests since the beginning, and with good reason. The Bald Eagle is a symbol of our nation, of freedom, and of strength. For the Class of 2015, the eagle is aggressive and dives toward its foe, refusing to retreat and accept defeat. Grasped within its talons are arrows and olive branches, signifying readiness both in peace and in war.

Saber and Sword – The Officer and Cadet Saber are bound together in the ribbon embroidered with our motto. This serves as a consistent reminder of our past, present and future, both here at the Academy and of our careers in the Army. The responsibilities entrusted to us through accepting the profession of arms are also emitted from this symbol.

“For Those We Lead” – This banner contains the motto of the Class of 2015. The motto, borne on a yellow ribbon, is wrapped around the Cadet’s Sword and Officer’s Saber. The yellow ribbon represents our support for the soldiers we will one day command; it is wrapped around our sword and saber signifying that our careers as Cadets and
one day Officers are all focused towards those we lead.

“For Those We Lead”
CDT Lance Charlton
President, Class of 2015

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