Cadets Attend 19th Annual Inspiration to Serve Cemetery Tour

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Cadets, faculty, and staff convened at the West Point Cemetery for the 19th annual “Inspiration to Serve” (ITS) Cemetery Tour & Pre-Affirmation Reflection on May 2. The event is a tribute to West Point graduates who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the nation.

“At its roots, the Inspiration to Serve event is about human connection,” said MAJ Adam Scott ’12, Instructor of Management at West Point. “If we are able to demonstrate to the Class of 2026 that those who went before them and paid the ultimate sacrifice, are no different from them. Hopefully, it inspires them to volunteer and continue in a career of service.”

This year, the ITS honored 32 graduates who lost their lives while carrying out their military duties and are interred in West Point Cemetery.

19th annual "Inspiration to Serve” (ITS) Cemetery Tour & Pre-Affirmation Reflection

The Simon Center for Professional Military Ethics and the Brigade Tactical Department arrange this tour annually as part of West Point’s Cadet Character Education Program.

Organized into groups of about 25 and led by an officer or noncommissioned officer, more than 1,100 cadets visited the cemetery to hear testimonials from families and Army officers who knew and loved the fallen graduates. They shared insights into their lives of honor, integrity, and selfless service.

Since its inception in the early years of the Global War on Terror, the ITS has been dedicated to educating cadets about the inherent risks and sacrifices of the military profession. This impactful experience has forged a deep connection between thousands of cadets and the esteemed Long Gray Line, aiming to inspire them as they embark on the significant journey of affirming and pursuing a career in the armed forces.

Opportunities like these are made possible by the Margin of Excellence.

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Excerpt and images taken from https://www.westpoint.edu.

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