Cadet Cadre Take Leadership Reins to Guide Class Of 2027 Through Cadet Basic Training I

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Every year, new cadets the size of a regiment descend upon the U.S. Military Academy to begin their 47-month journey with the ultimate goal of becoming members of the Long Gray Line. More than 1,250 new cadets streamed through the gates of West Point on June 26 for Reception Day to begin the mission at hand, which is to strive toward their personal ambitions of becoming commissioned officers.

For the new cadets in the USMA Class of 2027 to achieve success, outside of their own motivation, they need a group to direct and guide them toward their first goal of gaining acceptance into the Corps of Cadets. For that to happen, over the next six weeks of Cadet Basic Training (CBT), also known as “Beast,” these energetic newbies will be led by an enthusiastic group of cadet cadre from the USMA Classes of 2024 and 2025.

The cadet cadre during the first iteration of CBT is led by Class of 2024 Cadet and Beast commander Isabella Sullivan. Sullivan, who was a team captain for the Army West Point volleyball team during her Cow season, fulfilled her goal of being named Beast commander, which she dreamed about since her own Beast experience in July 2020.

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