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2024 SIG Sauer Relentless Warrior Championship: U.S. Military Academy Defends Title

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For the fourth year in a row, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Combat Weapons Team defended its title to earn the honor of SIG Relentless Warrior Champion at the 2024 SIG Relentless Warrior Championship, held at the SIG Sauer Academy in Epping, New Hampshire, April 5-6.

There were 113 cadets from the United States Air Force Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Military Academy at West Point, Norwich University, Texas A&M, The Citadel, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Tech, the Royal Military College of Canada and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy competing at the match.

The course of fire consisted of six mission stages that tested the marksmanship and leadership skills of these future military leaders.

“We embarked on this season with the unwavering SIG Relentless Warrior ethos at our core, committing every day to excellence—in leadership, marksmanship and strategy,” Gary Salman, the head coach of the Army West Point Combat Weapons Team said. “From their first day, our cadets dive deeply into the complexities of firearms, mastering everything from the fundamentals of marksmanship to the intricacies of tactical and competitive shooting. This comprehensive training transforms them into not just outstanding competitive shooters, but also leaders prepared for any challenge. I am bursting with pride for all our team members, particularly our new team members, who stepped into the arena for the first time and surpassed all expectations. A heartfelt thank you to SIG for providing this extraordinary platform where future defenders can forge bonds and hone their skills. Today, we celebrate not just a victory, but the spirit of unity and determination that carried us here.”

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Excerpt and image taken from https://www.ssusa.org.

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