Important Update

Important Update

Welcome to WPAOG’s new website. Please take our site tour to familiarize yourself with the new navigation.

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What can I see and find?

To leave a public testimonial, begin typing in the box under the image.

When ready to submit Click in the Name box next to the social icons. You will have to check off the two boxes for the terms of use, and privacy policy to be able to submit your testimonial. The gray arrow on the right will turn darker.

If you would like to post as a guest you can also check that box or enter your name and email address. This information will not be used for any other purposes. (You also have the option of using a personal social media login if you choose.) Please refer to our Terms of Use regarding testimonials that you post.

Be Thou At Peace: left column on the page (pc view)

This listing shows those individuals for whom we have received a death notice in the last 30 days. The listing shows the information that was submitted to WPAOG. Click on a grad’s name to go to his/her Memorial page.

Search Function: right column on page (pc view)

Using this function, you may search for a grad by:

  • First name 
  • Last name
  • Class year 
  • …and you may combine information. For example, you can type in a grad’s last name and class year, or just a grad’s first and last name. 

When you search by just class year, the results will list everyone who is deceased in that class. A red asterisk * by a name indicates that the grad listed has a Memorial Article that has been published.

If you see a statement such as “Memorial article found at 1947 Nov/Dec 1947 ASSEM,” you may find the articles in the USMA Library Archives. Please note that only ASSEMBLY magazines from 1942-1993 are archived at the library.

If you find errors in any of the details such as date of death, interment information, etc. please send a correction to Marilee Meyer.

How to Post a Testimonial

Follow these steps:

  1. Click inside the box where it says Start the discussion
  2. When finished typing your testimonial Click in the Name box next to the social icons.
  3. To post as a guest, skip the name, email, and password fields and check off the boxes for the terms of use, and privacy policy and I’d rather post as a guest.
  4. Click the Gray Arrow to Submit.

To post an image you have to sign up with Disqus by filling in the Name, Email, and Password fields or use one of the social icons
(Disqus is a trusted third-party vendor used to post & store testimonials)

Click the Gray Arrow to Submit.

Please refer to our Terms of Use regarding testimonials that you post.

If you still cannot post a testimonial you can send the text via email to memorials@wpaog.org.