WE HAVE CENTRALIZED AND CONTINUE TO IMPROVE our program for collecting and disseminating information relating to the deaths of graduates. 

Report the Death of a Graduate to WPAOG 

Please e-mail death notices to dnsreport@wpaog.org or call 800.232.4723, ext. 1545. The phone number and e-mail address are specific to the Death Notification Program.  The main contact for this program is Marilee Meyer, however, in case of her absence the phone lines are monitored by others. Attempts are made to collect all pertinent information relating to the death.  At a minimum, we desire the date of death, place of death, cause of death, place of interment, with the name, relationship, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the next-of-kin. 

WPAOG Notification Service

Notification is made via class listserves to all members of the class who have e-mail addresses registered with WPAOG. Notification also is provided to the staff of WPAOG, the Chairman, the Superintendent, USMA, and West Point Society members in the geographic area of the deceased. The notification is targeted for dispatch within 24 hours from the time of notification.

  • A letter of condolence from the President of WPAOG is mailed to the next-of-kin.
  • A letter is sent to the widow/widower informing her or him of their Associate Member status.

If a funeral is subsequently scheduled for West Point:

  • A member of WPAOG Executive Staff attends and presents a condolence card from the Chairman of WPAOG.
  • A telephone or e-mail contact is made to at least one classmate, if there is one living in the geographic area, to provide notification of the death and information about the burial.
  • A letter is sent to the next-of-kin by the Publications department requesting the submission of a memorial article for publication. Information and guidance for writing the article is provided.
  • This information is also posted on the Be Thou at Peace web site.
  • Additional support, as requested, is provided to next-of-kin, family members, and/or classmates.
  • Information is ultimately placed in the deceased’s Cullum File.