Over the years, a number of different companies have manufactured class rings. The names and addresses of these companies are listed online, as are the years for which they can provide a replacement ring. NOTE: In some instances, the original vendor may not be the company to replace the ring.

Replace Your Class Ring

Over the years, a number of different companies have manufactured class rings.

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Lost & Found Class Rings

WPAOG maintains a listing of all class rings that have been reported lost or found.

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Ring Memorial Program

Donated rings are a tangible sign of the enduring bonds of the Long Gray Line.

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Class Ring Conventions

Possessing and wearing a West Point Class Ring carries great significance since it is the symbol of the perpetual bond of the “Long Gray Line.”

Starting in 1980, class constitutions included regulations relating to the class ring.  According to those bylaws…

“The retention and wear of the Class Ring shall be governed by the tradition of the United States Military Academy as follows:

  1. The (year) Class Ring may be worn upon its formal presentation to the Class of (year).
  2. The family of any deceased member of the class may retain the ring.
  3. The (year) Class Ring may be purchased and worn only by the USMA Class of (year) graduates who graduate on Graduation Day for the Class of (year) or prior to January (following year).

Cadets who have purchased the Class Ring and subsequently resign, or are separated prior to graduation or are turned back to a subsequent class, will be required to return their ring …to the manufacturer for reimbursement in accordance with the procedures established by the United States Military Academy…”

Class Rings on Display

In 1996, the Class of ’86 donated a special case to the Corps of Cadets in order to recognize the significance of the Class Ring throughout the Academy’s history. Housed on the second floor of the Jefferson Library, this exhibit showcases the evolution of the Class Ring through its many variations of a common theme.

Several classes do not have a ring on display. Please click on this link for the most up to date listing of rings on display:  http://digital-library.usma.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/clrings

To donate a ring for your class, contact the Jefferson Library at 845.938.3833.

For assistance email Class-Services@wpaog.org