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Andrew Medrano ’24

Army Judo Team

Amidst the energy of cadets moving from class to company athletics, calling the cadences for afternoon drill, and collaborating on group projects, there is an unexpected sanctuary within the Army Judo Team. There, Andrew Medrano ’24 has found a classroom like no other. Judo training develops both the individual and the team. It rapidly increases personal fitness and confidence while sharpening both offensive and defensive abilities. Corporately, it builds bonds of camaraderie through countless hours of practice, as each session requires cooperation and mutual support to enhance the team’s collective performance.

Army Judo

Not unlike combat, judo requires an unremitting battle focus. “Learning to rise again after being thrown taught me resilience. Competing in a collegiate national championship last year, despite a sprained ankle, showed me the true meaning of determination and the power of overcoming physical limitations.” Despite the odds stacked against him, Medrano seized the collegiate national championship in the face of a disappointing injury.

Beyond the awards, accolades, and physical triumphs, Cadet Activities judo offers profound lessons of leadership and character. Medrano has grown emotionally, spiritually, and mentally on the Army Judo Team. “Initially, the team taught me the importance of embracing failure and friendly competition, especially during ‘randori’ sparring sessions. Consistently facing my more experienced teammates, I learned that true champions see each loss as a learning opportunity, embodying the idea ‘as iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another.’”

Now, as a leader within the ranks of the Army Judo Team, Medrano eagerly imparts this mindset to the next generation. “As a current leader, I pass on these lessons of perseverance and resilience to new members, helping to foster a culture of continuous improvement and strong character development.”

Andrew Medrano ’24

Impacting the Cadet Experience: The Power of Your Support

Private Margin of Excellence support enhances cadet experiences at the Academy, from character to academic, physical to military. These are the additional programs, facilities, and opportunities the West Point Superintendent and other Academy leaders have determined are most important for preparing ethical and agile leaders of character. Thank you for all you do to enhance the cadet experience—an experience that will establish the foundation for the course of their lives.

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