West Point Continues Clean up

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The Times Herald Record reported that West Point is mostly back to business as usual as it continues to clean up damage left by last weekend’s flooding storms.

COL Anthony Bianchi, the garrison commander at West Point, said he and Superintendent LTG Steven Gilland have inspected the military academy, including flyovers, and have found relatively little damage.

“We’re a lot better off than we thought we were,” Bianchi said during a Wednesday press briefing.

Bianchi said one thing that has impacted life at West Point is the damage on the roads leading to the military academy, which has forced workers to take alternate routes when commuting. But he said Orange County has told West Point most of those roads should be open and back to normal in another three to five days.

The storm has had little or no impact on cadet summer training, Bianchi said. But he did urge all those driving on Route 293 to exercise caution and watch their speed. That highway is the only one with unimpeded access to West Point right now, so there is more traffic than usual. But that highway also runs parallel to the areas where cadets are training.

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