Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs in Entrepreneurship

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This episode features a conversation with Ben Faw, Co-Founder and CEO of AdVon Commerce.

As co-founder of AdVon commerce, Ben helps the company to harness proprietary software to create value in e-commerce. He has expertise in consumer internet with a focus on tech, e-commerce, and media.

Prior to AdVon, Ben served as a platoon leader and executive officer in the 25th infantry and was Co-Founder at BestReviews. Ben has been published by the Harvard Business Review, CNN, BusinessInsider, and many more.

In this episode, Ben talks about his journey to West Point, experiences in his military career, and following his interest in the business world. He provides some blunt advice on what it’s like being an entrepreneur, and shares insight about the importance of having a team around you that you can go to war with, learning and growing in everything you do.

Episode Timestamps

(01:07) Interest in military and business
(01:49) What led to West Point
(02:48) Focusing on economics studies
(04:00) Mentors
(05:35) AAR Segment and postgrad life
(06:58) Post-grad journey
(09:10) Career path and entrepreneurship
(12:15) LinkedIn Experience and concept of sales
(14:51) SitRep – AdVon Commerce
(16:56) Getting back to entrepreneurship
(18:50) Building teams
(23:25) Future of AdVon
(26:00) SOP—Help along the journey
(29:20) Habits for success
(31:55) Giving Back – Advice for younger vets interested in starting a business
(34:55) Parting Advice


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