There’s No Substitute for Hard Work

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This episode features a conversation with Chris Hsu ’92, Co-founder & CEO of Zibo.

Chris is the Co-founder and CEO of Zibo, a hypergrowth VC-backed company that provides independent landlords best in class property management software as well as a whole host of financial services they can leverage to run their properties.

On this episode, Chris talks about the leadership lessons he’s learned over 27+ years in business, what it really means to graduate from West Point, and why it’s always important to answer the call when opportunity comes knocking.

Episode Timestamps

(02:35) Chris’ father’s influence on Army+West Point
(05:40) Character defining moments at West Point
(11:50) Successfully transitioning from West Point to the private sector
(13:45) Advice to new grads
(17:00) Career transitions and how to pivot
(19:45) Answering the call and making an impact
(24:30) Being the person that people think of first
(27:30) The Sitrep—The Situation Report
(27:45) Running Zibo
(30:40) How Zibo came to life and the idea behind it
(35:15) Customer Acquisition Strategies
(38:55) How the pandemic affected Zibo
(44:30) The future of Zibo
(47:50) SOP—The Standard Operating Procedure
(52:30) The Importance of Giving Back and parting advice

“The folks that have worked for me and gone on to do amazing things—far more successful than me—is what I’m most proud of in my life. And part of that is inspiring them and pushing them and believing in them, and that’s leadership.”

—Chris Hsu ’92

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