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There Are No Rules

Category: Grad News
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This episode features a conversation with Taylor Justice ’06, Co-founder, President of Unite Us.

Unite Us is an outcome-focused technology company building coordinated care networks of health and social service providers. Since launch in 2012, Unite Us has raised $195m in venture funding.

On this episode, Taylor talks about how there really are no rules as an entrepreneur, how he raised subsequent rounds of funding for Unite Us, and why he believes it’s so important to keep that sense of purpose, even after serving.

Episode Timestamps

(02:05) Segment: AAR – After Action Review
(05:40) Taylor’s first entrepreneurial endeavor
(10:00) Where the idea for Unite Us came from
(16:28) Going to Columbia Business School and meeting his co-founder
(29:10) How Taylor raised subsequent rounds of funding for Unite Us
(23:10) Segment: The Sitrep – Situation Report
(35:20) Segment: The SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
(40:40) The habits that Taylor’s held onto through his success
(47:35) Segment: Giving Back

“There are no rules. And I use it like and I’d tell people at business school, this as well, who are in finance or consulting, there’s this formula that you can run through to make that career jump. And you do X, Y, and Z. It’s going to give you some results. Whereas in entrepreneurship, there are formulas that you can follow. But you have to break down those walls because when there are no rules, then you get to define what the world then sees or how they perceive certain things.”

—Taylor Justice ’06


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