The Honorable Frank Pace, Jr. Receives Thayer Award

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As a distinguished public servant and industrial leader, The Honorable Frank Pace, Jr. has rendered a lifetime of outstanding service to the United States and its citizens. In government service, in corporate business enterprise and in service to his fellow countrymen, Frank Pace, Jr. has exemplified the ideals of West Point expressed in the motto, “Duty, Honor, Country.”

Beginning with his commissioning as an officer in the Army Air Corps during the early days of World War II, Frank Pace, Jr.’s life and accomplishments have been closely interrelated with the United States government and especially with the United States Army. When the war was over and the nation was faced with the challenge of returning to a stable peacetime economy, he returned to civilian life and was appointed by President Truman to successive, highly responsible positions, first in the offices of the Attorney General and Postmaster General and then as Director of the Budget. In the latter position during the critical period of 1948 to 1950, he made a highly significant contribution not only to the economic well-being of the United States, but also to our nation’s program to bring order to the postwar economies of other nations.

In the spring of 1950, as the Soviet Union’s post-World War II intentions became increasingly clear, President Truman appointed Frank Pace, Jr. Secretary of the Army. Through the difficult early months of the Korean War, through the national debate concerning the military leadership of the war, through the fragile negotiations for an armistice, and the buildup in Europe, Frank Pace, Jr. provided the Army with quiet and determined leadership and direction thus contributions significantly to the success of our nation’s military policy in Korea and Europe.

Leaving government service and becoming a corporate business leader, he continued at the same time to devote time, energy and leadership to a broad array of educational, charitable and community service organizations.

Through his long and dedicated service, both in and out of government, Frank Pace, Jr. has made a significant and lasting contribution to the well-being and security of the United. States. His ready willingness to serve his country and his fellow citizens reflects the values expressed in the West Point motto. Accordingly, the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy hereby awards the 1985 Sylvanus Thayer Award to Frank Pace, Jr.

Thayer Award

Since 1958, the West Point Association of Graduates has presented the SYLVANUS THAYER AWARD to an outstanding citizen of the United States whose service and accomplishments in the national interest exemplify personal devotion to the ideals expressed in the West Point motto, “DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.”
The Sylvanus Thayer Award is funded by a generous endowment from E. Doug Kenna ’45 and his wife, Jean.

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