Richardson ’67, Wilson Release “Brothers”

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Bruce Richardson ’67 and Raymond Wilson released “Brothers.” The book tells the story of why a black man and a white man became brothers 50 years after they served in Vietnam.

“The world struggles to find peace. Two old guys discovered the answer. Fifty years after they fought in Vietnam, they worked it out. They grew up together and went to the same schools, yet they had never met. They served in the Army together, were both shot down in helicopters, and lost some of their best friends in combat, but they had to wait to meet. The answer was not in combat, military training, or book learning. They were tough soldiers who were trained to kill. Ray was a helicopter pilot flying some of the army’s most advanced killing machines. Bruce was an airborne Ranger who deployed the Army’s artillery with precision. They did their jobs well. Ray and Bruce needed to find an answer to the world’s struggle. They did. See if you agree.”

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