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Podcast: The Soul of Innovation with Dr. Led Klosky

Category: Grad News

This episode features a conversation with Dr. Led Klosky, Professor of Civil Engineering at West Point and the Dean’s Executive Agent for Design and Construction.

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Dr. Klosky takes us through his journey to West Point, discussing his commitment to equipping today’s cadets with the necessary skills and leadership for their future roles through learning and inspiring innovation in tomorrow’s warriors.

We explore the groundbreaking Cyber and Engineering Academic Center (CEAC), a project advocated by Dr. Klosky since 2008 to bring West Point’s STEM program to the modern age and designed to enhance the educational environment through collaboration across engineering disciplines in a cutting-edge facility.

In addition to being a professor, Dr. Klosky is the Dean’s Executive Agent for Design and Construction, helping lead the Academic Building Upgrade Program. Led has been at West Point for over 2 decades and advocated for the new STEM facilities at West Point starting in 2008. That advocation is now being realized in the CEAC building, with Margin of Excellence elements including the fourth-floor Redoubt and the beautiful Gateway Bridge that will connect the CEAC and Mahan Hall.

Our conversation also delves into the challenges of preparing cadets for modern warfare’s ever-changing landscape, underscoring the vital role of innovation and adaptability. We discuss the significance of the Army’s investment in advanced infrastructure and the role of private support in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in educational facilities. Discover how collaborative environments and cross-disciplinary interactions within these spaces can lead to significant breakthroughs and the added benefits of efficient study spaces that enrich the cadets’ workday experience.

**This episode does not imply Federal endorsement.

“Our cadets in their senior year are doing a senior capstone project. Every cadet. And in that capstone project, we’re engaging real Army problems with real clients and producing real products at the end of that. That means machine shops, it means computer facilities for prototyping. It means an engaged faculty that are right there with the cadets, day after day. It means a lot of risk on the part of our faculty in that, in the old days, I knew the answer. When I walked into the classroom and I’m like, look, I’m a smart guy. I know a lot of smart stuff. You cadets need to know all this smart stuff. I’m going to put all my smart stuff that I planned up on the board with this piece of chalk. And then I’m going to give you a WPR in a few weeks where you show me you know all this smart stuff. And then we’re all happy. And it’s all very predictable and it’s all good to go. The trouble is that if a cadet graduates today, knowing exactly what I know, I’ve failed. I need to grow in them creativity, drive to innovation, a desire to contribute in new ways, and I want them to think things I didn’t.”

— Dr. Led Klosky

Episode Timestamps

(00:29) Dr. Klosky’s journey to West Point
(05:15) Getting involved in the CEAC building
(13:25) Bringing new recruits through modern technology
(25:30) Bringing CEAC’s renditions to life

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