Podcast: The Sky’s the Limit with Michelle Tumolo

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This episode features Michelle Tumolo, Noto Family Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at West Point.

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This episode spotlights an engaging conversation with Michelle Tumolo, the Head Coach of Women’s Lacrosse at West Point. Join us as Tumolo shares insights into her coaching journey, delving into her passion for lacrosse, the transition from player to coach, and the immense pride she takes in leading the team at Army West Point.

We explore the evolution of lacrosse at West Point and the strides made in developing women’s sports programs. Tumolo sheds light on the remarkable balancing act her players undertake, managing academics and military commitments and excelling as Division 1 athletes.

Tumolo opens up about her unique approach to team culture, emphasizing the significance of building strong relationships with her players and fostering a supportive environment. Discover the philosophy that propels her coaching style and contributes to the success of the team.

In an exciting twist, Tumolo shares her anticipation as the newly appointed assistant coach for the Women’s U 20 lacrosse team set to compete in Hong Kong in 2024.

Additionally, she reflects on the potential inclusion of lacrosse in the 2028 Olympics, expressing her enthusiasm for the sport’s global recognition.

**This episode does not imply Federal endorsement.

Episode Timestamps

(00:06) Michelle’s career highlights
(05:55) Philosophy on teamwork
(10:09) Revealing the new women’s lacrosse staff
(14:30) Women’s lacrosse in the 2028 Olympics
(16:11) Plans for the upcoming season


Michelle Tumolo’s LinkedIn
Army West Point Women’s Lacrosse

“For these young women to be focused on academics and, it’s not easy academics, right? And then their military obligations and then to be a D1 athlete on top of that and a successful team. it just makes me feel so honored to call them my players, to be able to lead them and learn from them. You know, obviously, they’re all becoming leaders and they’re constantly learning every single day as they lead and as they get older and have more responsibilities, it’s been an honor of a lifetime for the past few years. I think I’ve learned the past few years how to become a better leader as well.”

— Michelle Tumolo

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