Podcast: From Ground Zero to Hollywood Director with Sean Mullin ’97, Award-winning Filmmaker

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This episode features an interview with Sean Mullin award-winning filmmaker and West Point grad, class of 1997.

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This episode features an interview with award-winning filmmaker Sean Mullin ’97 hosted by Jamie Enos. Sean’s feature film debut as a writer and director, “Amira & Sam”, won numerous film festivals and was distributed theatrically. Following that, Sean co-wrote and co-produced “Semperfi” and wrote and directed “Kings of Beer.” Now he’s happy to announce the release of “It Ain’t Over”, Sean’s feature length documentary about baseball legend and American icon, Yogi Berra.

Prior to his filmmaking career, Sean served in the military. He was stationed in Germany as an Army officer, but finished his time as a Captain in the New York Army National Guard — where he was a first responder on September 11th, 2001. For several months, he spent his days working as the Officer in Charge of the soldiers stationed at Ground Zero — and his nights performing stand-up comedy.

In this episode, Sean talks about his time serving in the national guard, how he made the transition from Army officer to Hollywood director, and the release of his first independent feature-length documentary, “It Ain’t Over”.

Episode Timestamps

(01:44) Sean’s background and West Point experience
(05:39) Military career and life after the academy
(10:46) Resigning from active duty and attending film school
(14:50) Writing and directing “It Ain’t Over”
(18:30) Sean’s first independent film: “Amira and Sam”
(21:01) The Long Gray Line in the film industry
(23:09) Advice for aspiring filmmakers


Sean Mullin

Jamie Enos

“I get this a lot of times I’m like, ‘oh, you went to West Point, you’re a director, those couldn’t be more different’. I go, honestly, they couldn’t be a better fit in a lot of ways. I mean, yes, you need the creative side, right? And, I was very fortunate. I had a very creative father and I had a very creative mother. My mother was in theater and a very, super creative writer and all these things that she’s done in her life that have been really, truly incredible. So, I had a very creative upbringing, but the structure from West Point and the leadership, you know, when you’re on set and you’ve got 80 people looking at you, and you’re supposed to shoot this massive scene, and it starts the rain comes in unexpectedly. You’ve got to move, you’ve got to motivate, you’ve got to get people inside, you’ve got to switch things around, you’ve got to go on the fly, you’ve got to manage egos. I mean, it is so similar to being a commander of a unit that, I think those skills are really, extremely transferrable to the film business. And, I’ve found myself to be extremely fortunate to have had those at West Point.”

—Sean Mullin ’97

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