Podcast: A Story of Resilience with Ian Winer ’96

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What is Possible When Commissioning is Denied

Join us as we welcome Ian Winer, class of 1996, Managing Director of Investor Relations at Disruptive, as he shares his unique story of commitment, transformation, and resilience.

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Ian recounts his journey to West Point, a path paved thanks to his skills on the rink playing ice hockey and his affinity for the Academy’s core values that resonated deeply with his personal aspirations. Ian offers a perspective on the challenges and triumphs of cadet life, reflecting on the enduring mentorship he received from then Jim Knowlton ’82 and Jim Blake ’78, and the indelible bonds formed with teammates under his coaches.

Ian opens up about the unforeseen twist in his military career, an injury that rendered him non-commissionable just before his commissioning. This emotional pivot led him to the fast-paced world of finance at Goldman Sachs. Hear how he navigated the shift from military structure to the frenetic rhythm of Wall Street.

Ian speaks candidly about his battle with substance abuse and the path to recovery. His story is a testament to the power of support networks and the value of service, demonstrating that even the toughest challenges can be overcome with gratitude, routine, and a helping hand from fellow graduates. As Ian emphasizes the importance of seeking assistance during a crisis and celebrates the support systems available to veterans, we’re reminded of the strength found in a community and the transformative journey toward a life of purpose.

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Episode Timestamps

(00:00) Life at West Point
(09:40) West Point to Wall Street Transition
(27:31) Ian’s Recovery and Support


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“It’s all work. It doesn’t necessarily come easily. But if I get back to what I learned at West Point, if I get back to not making excuses for behavior that’s not okay, that is what keeps me sober. At night, it really is thinking about the day and thinking about, ‘How did I act today? What did I do? What did I do right?’ It goes back to that quote from Hamlet, ‘…to thine own self be true.’ That is really what sobriety and my life boils down to now. Am I being true to myself? Am I being honest with myself?”

— Ian Winer ’96

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