Markham ’74 Releases “The Wonderful Mr. Beans”

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Gerard R. Markham’s ’74 “The Wonderful Mr. Beans” is a children’s book about a donkey who, in his past life, happily tended cows on a splendid farm. Farmer and Mrs. Doodle can no longer manage the farm. Mr. Beans and his farm friends must find new homes. All his friends find happy homes, but no one wants a donkey who tends cows. Mr. Beans is very sad. One day, a yellow truck visits the Doodles’ farm. Mr. Beans is adopted and brought to the Ray of Light Farm. He is given a wonderful new home, but there are no cows. How can he do his job if there are no cows? As Mr. Beans begins his new life, he meets new friends, and adjusts to his new home. Ray of Light Farm teaches Mr. Beans that kindness and love can provide a new chapter in his life, even without cows. This book is a simple lesson in life that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

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