MAJ(P) Ben Griffin ’06 and MAJ Jacob Henry ’12 Present at Conference Alongside Other Faculty

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Several West Point Department of History faculty members presented in Oslo at the Norwegian Armed Forces’ International Research and Development Conference, “Land Operations and Combined Arms – Lessons Identified from the War in Ukraine.” MAJ(P) Ben Griffin ’06 presented “Pacing Ourselves – How both US and Russian Doctrine Evolved Since the mid-1970s and its Impact on Current Operations,” MAJ Michael Greenberg presented “Intelligence Observations & Lessons Learned in Ukraine,” MAJ Jacob Henry ’12 presented “Armored and Alone: The Shortcomings of a Russian BTG,” and MAJ Charlotte Stutz and MAJ Jessica Rudo jointly presented “The Linch Pin – Logistics as an Operational Necessity in Global Land Warfare.” MAJ Greenberg and MAJ Henry ’12 also participated in the Day 2 Panel Debate on the research question “What are the implications of the Lessons Identified? How can we know we are about to draw the right conclusions?”

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