MAJ Justine Meberg ’09 Wins Columbia’s Bancroft Dissertation Award

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MAJ Justine Meberg ’09 recently won Columbia University’s Bancroft Dissertation Award for her discourse “The logic of protection: U.S. Army culture and enemy women in the second Seminole War and the War with Mexico, 1835-1848.” The Bancroft Dissertation Award is given annually to an outstanding dissertation in American history (including biography), diplomacy, or international affairs.

After graduating from West Point in 2009, her career as a military intelligence officer has included time as a platoon leader in Iraq, two company commands, and multiple primary staff positions. She earned her MA in History from Columbia in 2018, then her MPhil in 2020 while working as an Assistant Professor in the West Point Department of History. She received her PhD in 2022. She now serves in South Korea as the Eighth Army Collection Manager. 

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